Eliminating equipment wait-times since 1979!


With over sixty pieces of equipment in four cardio areas located throughout the gym, VRC ensures that even during our busiest hours, you aren’t spending your time at the gym waiting to workout. We also ensure that you get the variety you need in your exercise routine in both location, and equipment. An advantage of our 25,000 square foot facility is that you can choose where in the gym you want to work out, so that when you need a change of scene, we have it.

We know that the face of fitness is always changing, and that’s why we make an effort to have the newest and best equipment for our members, such as the Lifefitness AMT, a combination between an elliptical machine and a stairclimber, that allows for a low impact exercise. We also have televisions on our equipment so you can watch the big game while you get your workout in.

Don’t forget that machines aren’t the only way to get your cardiovascular workout in! VRC’s courts and group fitness are a great way to get the heart pumping.